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does anyone happen to know the TOTAL number unemployed now in the USA? ?

why they never report that number, but just report the new weekly job losses? added onto what?

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    If you look at the full unemployment and jobs report on the Bureau of Labor Statitstics website, one of the entries is the estimated number of unemployed.  It's an estimate because the unemployment number is a survey (also known as a poll).  Like all polls, it is subject to a margin or error and the possibility of a sampling error that can cause the result to be outside the margin of error.

    Unemployment claims are a good estimate of the number of people who lost jobs (but it's not perfect as some folks do not apply for or are not eligible for unemployment).  Additionally, you are only eligible for unemployment benefits for a specific period of time.  Thus, people can go off unemployment even if they do not have a job.  So new claims plus people who go off unemployment is an imperfect measure of changes in unemployment.

    There is a lot of information in the jobs report so most of the media focus on two numbers.  The unemployment rate (formally known as the U-3) and the number of new jobs.  However, the number of new jobs is not particularly accurate and there are always significant revisions to the initial number in following months (sometimes up and sometimes down).

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    Many of the "unemployed" are high school or college students.  Many more are retirees.  The data you want is people seeking jobs who can't find them, plus frustrated job seekers who have given up.  Traditional unemployment is job seekers.  BLS has estimates of the frustrated who have given up.

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