Are atheists bad people?

Our of the ones I know some are good, some are bad.

   People tend to stigmatized non-believers, even though doing so is judgemental. Atheists don't lecture people about abortion and homosexuality and morality the way Christians do.


Doc: I do not believe that. I am asking a question I would definitely say no to.

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    4 weeks ago

    Why would believing in a non existent being make me less good than anyone else? 

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    I personally prefer a conversation with an atheist over a conversation with a Christian.

    I've yet to meet an atheist who's quick to judge and condemn based of their understanding of the Word of God.

    With Christians, all it takes is disagreeing to create massive dissension in Spirit.

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    4 weeks ago

    first issue DEFINE " BAD PERSON "  so all responding accept or have  the same definition  or understanding of  "BAD " person

    ATHEIST  is a term for a person NOT convinced of a god claim

      Atheism  does not address  homosexuality or abortion DIRECTLY

      it just addresses god claims .. Jack is NOT convinced of the PROPOSITION / proposal  of the LOCK NESS monster  is the label or adjective BAD applicable  little JIMMY  is  no longer CONVINCED / " BELIEVES "  ...IN  the proposition of SANTA CLAUS  is little Jimmy now " BAD "  RELIGIONS and tribal systems  have a long documented  HISTORY of "DEMONIZING"   people  for example  people with MEDICAL CONDITIONS such as EPILEPSY  having ..  SEIZURES  the association of EVIL Spirits or the Devil entered the body and in contrast  the claim that the HOLY ( GOOD ) spirit can enter the body  by WATER MAGIC same association for LEPROSY   because one had sinned " offended the god "  another example the SALEM WITCH TRIALS ....the girls making the claims  against their neighbors  exhibited CONVULSIVE ERGOTISM , violent FITS a crawling sensation on the skin vomiting choking and hallucinations ( possession of bad spirits  or ERGOT  poisoning      psychological  ailments  or mass conversion disorder  )  SCAPEGOATING  a group or person made to bear the BLAME for others or to SUFFER in their place   ..... its biblical  a GOAT is lead into the wideness  on Yom Kipper after the high priest symbolically  laid the SINS of the people  on its head    v

    ..BOB is an atheist and practices BUDDHISM and accepts claims of RE - INCARNATION that the " soul ' takes up a NEW BODY  over and over  and may be against homosexuality and  abortion

    additionally ALL PEOPLE are individuals and  responsible  for  their OWN ACTIONS ... so SOME  Atheist may lecture others on issues  and some theist  / Christians  may also NOT  lecture people on    certain issues

    SEE the TOOLS of propaganda

    1- name calling

    2- Card stacking

    3-Band wagon

    4- testimonial

    5- plain Folk

    6- transfer

      7- ******* in this case GLITTERY GENERALIZATIONS

    people make judgements many times a day  about   situations

      peoples behaviors , peoples appearance  and PREJUDICES

    as is Jane is obese  and  a STEREOTYPE  Jane is lazy

    jack has multiple TATTOOS  stereotype  he belongs to a gang

      as for an ATHEIST   seeing a person is in a CROWD  you have to ASK  them if they BELIEVE  in a god to KNOW if they are a theist  or an atheist .... the exception if they wore a T shirt with a statement or RELIGIOUS jewelry or clothing

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    I’m an Atheist and I behave morally more than likely because I’ve been conditioned to be so. I have a normal mind and brain structure like most people in society that has evolved a consciousness to be aware of how conducting their actions are to well being or not. I don’t murder or spit on anyones food because I wouldn’t want that done to me. I don’t murder because I don’t want to harm another person and destroy my life by going to prison for a long time or ending someone’s only chance at life. But certainty we really don’t have a moral obligation within our brains that is God-given that urges us to love and not murder. The truth is that any otherwise normal person with a sense of morality could become a murder or rapist if they thought it out and overcame some psychological barriers. Theists always make the presupposition that they’re God is necessarily for morality and that he provides the standard with which all actions are determined to be right or wrong. They have never proven why this is true. What’s the problem if morality is the result of complex chemicals and atoms working together to create the complex reality before us. If it didn’t happen that why we wouldn’t be here to contemplate it and we would most likely be subhuman beings that acted on animal instincts to kill to survive for the next day and reproduce without much thought. Animalistic instincts precede empathy and guilt and most likely even love not the other way around. And the bible is full of hate and violence so this is exactly what we would expect to see if morality really does evolve from animalistic instincts and yet we know that morality to some extent could also be considered arbitrary because what’s moral to you could be immoral to me. If think that a person who supposedly was God in the flesh (Jesus Christ) being tortured mercilessly and divine for a concept of “sin” that has never been proven to exist be immoral but millions of Christians celebrate this cult of sacrifice as if it exempts them from any abuse, lie, rape or murder they may have committed in their lives. Or a mother having to go through a painful labor because she was forced to give birth when she requested an abortion? I could believe that that’s immoral but tell that to the average immoral Christian. 

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  • 4 weeks ago


    Some are.

    Some Christians, Muslims, Jews and "Others" are as well.

    Depends on thge person, not just the ideology.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Atheists are people with all the ups and downs of personalities. Their non-belief is but a small part of who they are. And I'm sure Christians also would want people to know more about them than their religious preference.

  • Mike
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    4 weeks ago

    No you cannot lay a blanket over any group like this. I would say that atheists are actually mostly pretty good people because the ones I know are performing Noble actions for the sake of Performing Noble actions rather than for some sort of reward in some sort of afterlife.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Atheists are simply not brainwashed into believing supernatural religious BS. Atheists don't try to control people by telling them that they will go to an atheist hell.

  • Ralph
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    4 weeks ago

    The fact of the matter: The ones that I know are lost and they need a true shepherd to guide them into the kingdom of God, and that shepherd is God The Lord Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior only. The reason why most Atheists are Atheists is that they do not believe in God holy word the bible, they believe in science rather than God holy word, it is because they don't want to be judged by God so they turn to science because science does not judge them for their sins, but in the end, we all will be judged for our trespass and sins.

    Source(s): King James holy bible
  • 4 weeks ago

     some are others are not

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