If you saw this kid and Lucy Lawless together what would you?

A boy who killed his parents for no reason whatsoever, to see if he could get away with it...

Me if I found such a demon and he confessed killing his parents for no reason, I'd stomp that little piece of **** to death and enjoy Lucy's dismay of the situation. And say, "That's what happens, *****, to demons who that, sis."I would scare that slut and Robert Tappert off. **** "Basic Instinct."


And I would purposely be brutal too.

And if I were the supreme court judge of New York I'd take away juvie protection and send them to adult jail, and deny them productive custody. Let the hardcore prisons with a code of honor finish him off and eat him alive.

Not that he'd fare better in juvie, cause black and Latino juvies will eat him alive too XD

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