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how many rucksacks/backpacks do you own?

i only have 2, one fox racing backpack, and one north face backpack, how about you?

plus, how many do you think its important to have?

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    I have one for camping which for obvious reasons isn't suitable for everyday use and a general purpose 32L rucksack which I use most days.  I also own a very expensive fjallraven rucksack, a big one, not kanken, given to me by a family member.  I don't use it because it's an awakard shape.  I feel guilty about that and will sell it at some point, but it's a little hard to sell such a well-meaning gift.  I just wish I'd been asked what kind of rucksack I'd like first so it wouldn't be so wasted on me.  Unless you need a specialist rucksack I'd say having one, general purpose one is a good idea.

  • 1 month ago

    My husband and I have our hiking/camping backpacks, a small water Camelback, and one that we got at an ammo shop that supposed to be for guns and stuff. Maybe more are buried in boxes that we haven't unpacked yet.

  • James
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    1 month ago

    One tiny Dickies backpack for bmx riding. One medium size cheap backpack for spelunking In the caves. One insulated cooler backpack for fishing. And two different size larger backpacks for hiking. Its important to have the right backpack for every activity you do because you don't want extra weight when not needed but you need to be able to fit your gear

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    I own one that's got my fishin' tackle in it, one camelback sack for hiking with the dogs, one for bike riding, one for when I ride my motorcycle to work and one for general travel. Speaking as a woman, one can NEVER have too many bags. 

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