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What are my options ?

I am an unarmed security guard been with same company three years.  I had a job site for six months at pay rate of $17.50 an hour.  My supervisor shows up to do a site inspection.  She heard someone threaten me with a gun.  She informs the company now for my safety they want to put me some place else issue is less pay I would go down to $13.00 an hour .  They claim no higher paying sites right now available.  I asked them to reduce my hours they refused. I asked for mutual speration they refused because they don't want me to collect unemployment benefits. I know if I quit no unemployment.  I am looking at other companies but they all pretty much paying $13.00 to $14.00 an hour which is still a pay cut.  


A Hunch.  I did not ask for the transfer the company is forcing it on me.

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    They are your employer and may assign you to any position they desire. Your legal options are to accept the new assignment or resign. Your only other alternative is to take a job with another agency.

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    Your options are:

    1) Work for this employer for what they are willing to pay, which is $13 an hour,

    2) Work for another employer for what they are willing to pay, which is $13 to $14 an hour,

    3) Don't work, and get no money,

    4) Move to where minimum wage is $15 an hour and look for work there.

    You don't have the option to get unemployment because you have work available to you that pays $13 an hour.

    You don't have the option to work for $17.50 an hour because the company isn't willing to pay you that.

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    Maybe her main concern wasn`t your being threatened, but the way you handled it?  Think about it.  The only way you`re going to be able to straighten it our is via whoever your immediate supervisor was at the time of the incident.  That person is apparently not supporting you.  Find out why.

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    You should contact the human rights commission or employment standards branch in your jurisdiction.  What they're doing can be construed as "constructive dismissal."  (That you're being impelled to quit by making your work load or environment progressively worse).  In all places I'm aware of (I'm a B.A. in Industrial Psychology/Organisational Behaviour), labour laws allow that you can be moved, but your hours & pay CANNOT be reduced.  Further, if they've already done this, the body you approach can order that you be given all possible back pay at your previous rate.     

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    Mutual separation WOULD NOT ALLOW you unemployment.

    Unemployment is when you lose your job through no fault of your own.  If you ask to be separated, you had a job and you didn't want to work any more.  That makes you ineligible for unemployment.

    You work as a security guard, you pay is based on the job site.

    Why did you say ok to being transferred because of the threat?  You must be agreeing that you need to be transferred which means you are getting lower pay.

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    Find a better career choice. McDonald's pays better, so does Dunkin' Donuts............

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    Demand to stay where you are and see what they say.

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    I'd do a sitdown with the manager.  Ask who is going to cover the area you were maintaining.  Ask if SHE would take a pay cut if management forcefully removed her from her current job to someplace else for her own good.  

    If she doesn't help. talk seriously with human resources about this.  Is there any way to be reinstated back,  with reimbursement done for money lost.

    If you are NOT under a contract they cannot deny you a mutual separation.  You may need to contact a lawyer,  the first 1/2 to 1 hour is generally free.  You can also call legal aid, they are in the phone book and work for free. 

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    Even if they move you somewhere else, the person they put in your place is just as likely to be threatened with a gun as you are.

    Tell them that.  And tell them you want to stay at your position. (Unless you ASKED to be reassigned...then that is on YOU!)

    Otherwise this is just a flimsy reason to reduce your pay.

    It is never a bad time to start looking for another job.  Quietly.

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