stressed about college, low gpa. what to do? :/?

okay so right now im a junior in high school, and im under the most pressure and stress ive ever felt in my life. my freshmen year i was unmotivated and didnt realize how much my grades mattered so i didnt really try in school at all. 1st term of sophomore year i went through a bad breakup and became really sad and suicidal and my grades were all C’s and D’s which is horrendous, i know. and then I got my grades up 2nd term and had around a 3.0. when junior year started i started developing a plan for my future i wanted and realized i want to go to college but i didnt look into that much yet. then while i was on a roadtrip to pullman, WA a couple months ago i visited the campus of Washington State University and absolutely fell in love with it. after doing more research about the college i realized thats where i want to go and never changed my mind. now im worried and stressed because the highest ill be able to raise my gpa by the end of junior year is a 2.8. im trying really hard this year, i have almost straight A’s and plan to keep my grades consistent until i graduate. i havent taken the SAT yet. im taking one AP class (apush) and i plan on taking ap-lang next semester as well. ive been on my schools varsity gymnastics team all through hs and im a varsity cheerleader now. is there still hope for me being admitted to wsu? how can i raise my chances with such a low gpa? please helpp:/

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  • John
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    1 month ago

    You have asked this many times now, and received a number of good answers. You're also a pretty bad liar, as yesterday you were a senior and now you're a junior.  I recommend you stop trolling the internet, and do something constructive. 

  • 1 month ago

    Stop stressing out -- it won't do you any good.  What you can do is continue to get top grades and study for your SAT or ACT so that you get a really good score when you do take the test.  A high SAT/ACT score can help compensate for a lower GPA. The rest is out of your hands at this point. The good news for you is that Washington State accepts more that 75% of applicants.  

    The tough reality is that schools like WSU get tens of thousands of applications each year and the can't have 3 people read each and every one and discuss the merits of that student. These schools are probably going to make some basic cut to review those who have met or exceeded the GPA and test scores they feel are appropriate for successful students first.  Of course, that may mean the initial cut off will be pretty low.

    Unless you are being recruited for the gymnastics team, your ECs won't do you a whole lot of good in terms of admissions, but you never know.  

    I'd encourage you to also try to see things more realistically and calmly. Many students start at community colleges when they had a rough start in high school, they transfer to their university of choice. 

  • 1 month ago

    You need to consider going to community college to prove you really are college material, and have grown up past your prior idiocies. Chances are you are not going to make it into the university you want. If not, you need to go to community college, prove you can earn the top grades required, then try to transfer once you prove you meet standards. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Stressed about college? Start worrying about completing your assignments first.

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