Did Mick Philpot intend to kill or harm his kids when he set that fake fire in his house?

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    Mr Philpot should be plugged in to a 13amp socket.

  • He is a filthy benefits scrounger who set fire to his house to get a bigger property.  That was the motivation behind it and he was convicted of manslaughter, not murder, and given a life sentence with a fifteen year tariff which is not long enough.  He showed no remorse and was only worried about saving his own skin. 

    The prosecution accepted that he didn't mean to kill them, but the enormity of the crimes means he should never be released. 

    In a National Socialist regime he would be executed and rightly so.

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    4 weeks ago

    Hes a narcissist so its all about him. He did see he's children as anything other than his property . In his eyes he's all that matters .  Its all about him and everyone around him must obey and put him on a pedestal. Its all me me me with him.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    It’s irrelevant. He murdered them by committing a deliberate arson. It doesn’t matter whether he intended them any harm, it was murder.

    Apparently it was “only” manslaughter! I struggle with that verdict. He must have known of the real possibility of causing death and serious injury - but I didn’t hear all the evidence and the jury did.

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    No, he wanted a bigger council house and thought burning the one he had would be a way to get one easily, he didn't intend to hurt the kids but it was damn stupid.

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