Why do supervisors sabotage their employees? ?

So today I had to find a LS member a referral attorney for their probate litigation matter. Even though we have a lot of attorneys that handle probate matters, many of them don't handle probate litigation matters. 

So I was able to find an attorney that was willing to accept the case. The thing is my supervisor found him for me. He's not on our RAD list even if we searched him through the database he won't come up. So my supervisor sent me an email saying "what about this attorney?" 

I go on his profile and see that his rate is $300 an hr. So I did my write up (a list of all the lawyers I found, their rate, the milage from the member to the attorney, why lawyer declined case. Then I have to include the attorney that accepted the case. I have to put their rate, milage from member etc). 

So I finish my write up and send it to my supervisor. My supervisor sends me a email back saying "I cannot accept this intake. His rate is $300. I have to get approval from the partners because this is over the legal shield rate." I thought seriously "*****." You're the one that suggested I use him then turn around and say you can't ok the referral you had me assign? 

I felt like walking out on the job because I've had it with the way this place is ran. It's as though they purposely set people up. A coworker quit over a similar situation yet management complains about how they are short staffed. 

How can you treat your staff like that yet complain about not having enough people.



I don't work for legal shield. 

I've said that multiple times on here yet you all don't understand that. I work for a law firm that is a service provider for legal shield. 

Kinda like how Verizon is a service provider for Samsung phones for example. 

Get it together. 

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    4 weeks ago
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    Because we hate you.

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    4 weeks ago

    Your supervisor found the name of the attorney. You verified the rate.

    Your supervisor did part of your job FOR YOU. Instead of asking 'why am I being sandbagged?" you COULD ask your supervisor, "How did you find this attorney? What database should I have access to?"

    Then ask yourself, "Why am I still working for Legal Shield when I am perpetually unhappy, and on the verge of being reported to Y! answers for asking the same question over and over?"

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Just shut the hell up.

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