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AJ Styles or Will Ospreay?

Who has better strength overall?

Who has the greater speed overall? 

Who has better cardio? 

Who can do more aerial and athletic manuvers? 

Who is more gifted in making their aerial moves look more effortless? 

Who is better at making a match flow? 

Who is better at striking? 

Who is the better grappler? 

Who has better form and cleaner with the way the execute their moves? 

Who is the better chain wrestler? 

Who can have a better match with a good/great opponent? 

Who can have a better match with a lesser skilled opponent and better at making them look good?

Who is more ambitious,creative and dynamic in the ring? 

Who is more self-aware of what they can and cannot do? 

Who is tougher? 

Who can sell better?

Who is better at selling?

Who has better psychology in their matches?

It can be AJ Styles from any era, any time?

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