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At survivor series 2020 where they are celebrating the career of the undertaker and he's going to be there is sting going to show up or not?

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  • Adam
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    1 month ago

    Taker said it right, the dream match between he and sting would suck. So unless its leading to that, why would sting be there? No reason to. If taker is going to work 1 more match, I'd prefer a proper match with Cena, a rematch with AJ or someone who can do most of the work for him and accentuate takers strengths.

    As for the tribute, potentially a good idea, again depends on how they do it. If this leads to a taker HOF induction then cool but even then I'd like to see his HOF year purely dedicated to him. Basically have no other inductions or only induct people linked with him. So say do Taker, Kane, Brian Adams, Savio Vega etc.

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  • Why would Sting be there when Sting was The WCW World Heavyweight Champion at that time? I don't know that Sting would want to go to a State (Florida) where there are easily more than 700,000 confirmed Cases of Covid-19 and WWE just confirmed more Confirmed Cases of Covid-19 today?

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