How to fall asleep at night ?

I usually never get a lot of sleep, I find myself staying up until 2 am just twisting and turning, and then i wake up around 8/9 and im dog tired for the whole day. Melatonin doesn’t help me at all, and I find that I fall asleep the best when watching something on tv or a video on my phone compared to no electronics. Also does not help that I have ADHD, but sleep has never been a problem except for since my soph yr of college has started. Any tips would be appreciated

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  • Andy C
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Hello.  I used to be the worst at sleeping.   Now I am one of the best.  I actually fall asleep for daily naps sitting up.

    This mastery wasn't difficult to attain.   I had and still have major neurological trauma and brain damage,  so it took 4× as long for me to learn,  but learn,  I did.

    Here's how I started:

    Get a sleep mask and earplugs and USE THEM.

    Set an early bedtime (for college,  try 10pm) AND STICK TO IT.  

    I,  too am a victim of the 80s and cannot sleep w/o the distraction of a TV show going on.   My brain damage is very similar to ADHD at times, and this is one.

    Not tired??  Read or watch reruns of something you know like Lost or Star Trek.


    Stay consistent until you learn how to sleep.   After you get there,  you can stay up all night,  one or two nights a week,  but if you want results,  you will have to change what you are doing. 

    It shouldn't take more than a month.   

    For best results and if you don't want to get diabetes II or want to reverse your obesity,  eat ONLY whole foods and drink ONLY water, unsweetened teas and unflavored milk. 

    I didn't do that until years after sleep training,  but it would have made a world of difference. 

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