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I'm a Boomer and I'm voting for Trump!  All you Millenial whiners are here to serve ME! Fùck yea baby?

That's right.  I make $45/hr as a Food Service Supervisor for a defense contractor and I'm in a union.  I can't lose my job, I have the cadillac healthcare and I make 10x what most Food Service Supervisors make (when you count all my benefits.) I have pension and 401k.

 Fùck all these whiny little millenials.  They are here to serve me.  I eat at a restraunt and I expect the best service from these worthless millenials.  They shouldn't get $15/hr minimum wage, because I earned my $45/hr as a cook for a defense contractor and millenials are here to serve me.  They want health insurance and vacations.  Fùck them, they are here to serve ME!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Don't feed the wannabe, troll. Broke *** bum probably.

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