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How long can a wasp (specifically a paper wasp) survive without food and water indoors?


Particularly during the fall because there have been a few wasps camping out around my house, mainly on anything electrical so they can get heat from it and I don't want to provoke them since I've seen a few of them already, so I was just curious how long so they can survive in the fall indoors without food or water. 

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    Just whack them if they're bothering you!  This time of year nest cohesion falls apart.  The old queens stop making the phermone that binds the nest together before they die and the worker wasps effectively become homeless for the last few days - weeks before they die.  They're old, frail, and not actually very aggressive this time of year, which is why you can just leave them alone too.  Paper wasps nests only last a year and then a new generation sarts again in the spring.

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