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If someone wears fake skin -prosthetics can he pass as a specific different person?

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    This was done in an episode of Mythbusters. Jamie wore Adams's face and Adam wore Jamie's face. Right away even through the TV screen you could see something was off - facial expressions were wrong, body language was not the person's usual body language, gestures of hands and arms were not what the person normally did.  The heavy prosthetic makeup and facial masks made the face look off. They then had people come into their workroom.  From a distance large gestures were off and facial expressions weren't quite right and while strangers were fooled co workers knew someywas not right.  At  a medium distance most could tell something was up. Almost everyone could tell close up they were looking at a person in prosthetic makeup. People closest to Jamie and Adam could tell there was some shenanigans going on. Ultimately you might fool strangers but you won't fool friends and family.

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