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Can any cars last 300,000 miles regardless of make, model, and year?

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    YES YES YES YES! HERE is a SECRET I have learned over time! Use ONLY PENNZOIL ULTRA PLATINUM or EURO OIL with the "o" series level, like 0W-30; 0W-20; 0W-40! Replace whatever plugs in this engine with DENSO TWIN TIP IRIDIUM PLUGS. This burn MORE FUEL< MORE COMPLETELY and help to keep the O2 sensors and CONVERTER from getting carbon filled as such! Most GM engines are SIMPLY not made to last that long! The TIMING CHAINS break at about 100,000 miles! I do NOT like GM very much even though I worked for CADILLAC! They are DESIGNED to cost you MONEY over time as parts wear out and the ENGINE metal fatigues! FORD is a DIFFERENT ANIMAL all together! Using their EUROPEAN engineers, they are ALL NOW completely compatible with GLOBAL NEEDS! This means SAFER at HIGHWAYS SPEEDS and suing EUROEPAN suppliers! The FORD EDGE is HALF FORD and HALF AUDI! The FUSION Is HALF FORD and HALF MAZDA< they had an alliance with NISSAN for a while as well! FORD ENGIENS last a LOT longer than most other ones usign EUROPEAN block designs, HYPER EUTECTIC pistons, OIL SPRAY JETS inside that reduce engine stress. Most FORD ENGINES will outlast competitors. OLDER GM engines actually had NYLON timing gears that would MELT with time! I am talking about engines made from 1976-1983! They ALSO had SOFT CAMS that would cause BACK FIRES! Gm was SUED over this>>> GM was also sued for every engine made in the WORLD from 1996-2003, due to the LACK of testing over the effects of DEXCOOL on the GM choices of internal GASKETS! For EIGHT YEARS< all their engines would get DISSOLVED intake gaskets! FORD used the SAME type of coolant but chose to TEST and use a better gasket type that would NOT dissolve from long term contact with DEXCOOL ORANGE coolant! It is called OATS! GM has RUINED ITSELF over time it seems! TODAY they have BILLION dollar lawsuit over IGNITION SWITCHES that catch on FIRE< and AIR BAGS that deploy at the WRONG time and harm CHILDREN and KILL PETS! They NEVER test things ALL THE WAY THROUGH< and by the time the PLANS get into production, they lose something from DRAWING BOARD to REALITY Even CORVETTES use MODEL "T" type suspensions! UNREAL but true They have TRANSVERSE LEAF SPRINGS that carry a POTHOLE bump from ONE side to the OTHER and jostle the entire car if the road is NOT JUST PERFECT!  If you want LONGEVITY< get a JAPANESE or EUROPEAN CAR or a FORD! Modern CHRYSLERS and most other DOMESTIC cars now use ZF GERMAN trannies and steering systems that are TIME PROVEN so they last VERY LONG! OR EUROPEAN or ASIAN DIESEL powered cars that last for 350,000+ miles! I have cars out there with 350,000 miles and STILL GOING STRONG! They did NOT use VALVOLINE and DID use IRIDIUM LASER plugs from JAPAN. And THE BAX STILL has not FIGURED THIS OUT! he USES Valvoline oil FOR HIGH MILEAGE CAR ENGINES! Valvoline IS MADE FROM ash AND tar! Pennzoil IS MADE FROM natural gas! and no factory ON EARTH WILL USE Valvoline IN IT CUZ IT EATS UP rubber parts GASKETS AND SEALS OVER TIME! YET they still are a favored oil type! yuck!! IF ANYONE has used VALVOLINE for A long time they should open their HOODS and evaluate the PCV HOSES and GASKETS for leaks and DISSOLVED RUBBER PARTS! It took BUICK and GM FOPUR incarnations to get the BUICK 3.8 engine to RUN the way it should! OLDER ones would develop OIL PUMP FAILURES< as GM used a CHEAP form of aluminum that would WEAR OTU! Same for CADILLAC engines from the past! I do NOT think that the infamous BUICK 3.8 STILL has MULTIPLE VALVE technology or VARIABLE valve timing that I know of! TOYOTAS have LOTS of LONGER LASTING cars, trannies and engines out there! same FOR European CARS LIKE BMW, Audi, Porsche< Benz AND VW EVEN! they HAVE HAD oil spray jets IN THEM FOR OVER thirty years! they FOCUS clean oil AT THE PISTON wrist pins AND skirts TO REDUCE FRICTION AND REDUCE ENGIEN WEAR AND KEEP emissions DOWN! i HAD two car WITH near zero EMISSIONS JUST USING iridium plugs AND synthetic oil. both WERE ford Taurus CARS! In CONTRAST i have seen more than a DOZEN GM DIFFERENTIALS explode! I had the famous VEGA< a car that would FALL APART before you paid for it! GOD AWFUL thing! The fenders would ROT OFF cuz they had NO drain holes! The BRAKES would FALL OFF literally; the CALILPERS were held in place by a SLIDE PIN!.  The ENGINES would need NEW GASKETS since they made them BACKWARDS! An ALUMINUM BLOCK with a CAST IRON HEAD! The GM 2.5 ENGINE was a BOAT ANCHOR ENGINE designed for use in a JEEP during WW II It STOPPED making power at 4500 rpms! When the first ALUMINUM FOUR CYLINDER engines came out, I was a SAAB technician! I used to LAUGH as one by one the GM four bangers would come in with broken HEAD GASKETS! GM just DIDN'T CARE to test things all the way through! PONTIAC and OLDS are NOW GONE as is SATURN (a GREAT CAR actually). The GM 2.8L engine was a GREAT IDEA but even THEY had issues! EUROPEAN ENGIMES just last LONGEST as they use he BEST casings and BEST part suppliers! ANYWAYS the answer to your question is YES YES YES there are MANY CARS that by using BEST suppliers are getting to ULTRA HIGH mileages! FORD is one of them! ASIAN cars last a LONG TIME as do JAPANESE car engines and AISIN WARNER trannies! GM is the ULTIMATE proof of the LAISSEZ FAIRE ideation! LET the BUYER BEWARE any one that bought a FIERO was in for a SURPRISE if they thought they were buying a REAL SPORTS CAR! IT was a CLUNKER on the drawing board. and CHEVY LOVERS were AMAZED when CORVETTES sent to EUROPE would BLOW UP on the AUTOBAHN! They were NOT made to handle HIGH SPEEDS for very long! NONE of them were! I hae NEVER SEEN engines with as many CAM failures, OIL PUMP failures, TIMING CHAIN failures, s GM has had CONITUALLY now for DECADES! even the NEW INCARNATION 350 has LOWN UP on the test stands from the front BALANCE DAMPER! MEANWHILE BENZ< BMW and AUDI engines are getting to 500,000 miles with EASE and there is a MILLION MILE club for BENZ and VOLVO! Someone once asked a SWEDISH VOLOV engineer WHY Volvos are SO BOOF! His answer was,  WE make the ENGINES to last through THREE engines and the ENGINES to last for THREE transmissions! I though this was a GREAT answer!

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    A lot of cars simply aren't built with the intention of lasting that long without a major overhaul - but it's always a crapshoot.

    You could take two cars of any make/model off the assembly line - one right after the other, and one will go the distance with only basic maintenance, while the next will break down every time you look at it wrong.

    How they are driven (race car vs. grandma), where they are driven (flat surfaces vs. hills vs. mountains - as well as city vs highway), how they are maintained (ranging from changing the oil when it actually turns into gel, to following the maintenance schedule religiously), where they are stored, whether minor issues are addressed right away vs. letting them fester, etc. etc. - all factor into how long a car *might* last, but there is still a luck factor involved.

    Some automakers do a better job of designing and building their cars, and have tighter quality controls for what they will allow to be sent out bearing their name - but some are just interested in getting as many cars out there as fast and as cheaply as possible (for them).

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    I had a 93 D21 manual that lasted 302k. It needed a new fly wheel witch was no longer on sale so i sold it. Everything was cheap on that truck and only needed repairs once every 2 years.

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    Yes          .

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  • garry
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    4 weeks ago

    depends on the previas owner  was the car maintained and regulary serviced , was it drive hard or driven a short distance , theres to many factors involved . they can last 300,000 miles yes .

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    My friend had a Toyota 4 runner that had close to 400k on it, ran like a champ. 

  • F
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    4 weeks ago

    With maintenance the mechanicals will achieve that , although if you’ve replaced nearly everything , is it really the same car?

    However, if you live near the sea or west they use salt in the winter, at 300 000, the car is likely to be about 20years old and rust will have killed it.

  • 4 weeks ago

    With proper maintenance, nearly any car built in the last 30 years CAN last more than 1,000,000 miles.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Anything is possible.

  • Ian
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    4 weeks ago

    Toyotas, Honda's, Ford's Panther chassis cars, etc. Pretty much any vehicle can last over 300,000. It all has to do with maintenance mainly and highway cruising. Stop and go city traffic causes a lot more wear and tear. 

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