What is the Minimum Net Worth Requirement to be a Patient at the Mayo Clinic?

From what I can tell, the Mayo Clinic has a "Preferred Response" program for which people have to pay extra, does not accept insurance assignment, and tacks 15% on to the Medicare Part B amount.  It sounds to me that the Mayo Clinic is only for the super wealthy.  What is the minimum net worth a person should have even to think about contacting the Mayo Clinic for medical assistance?

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    Mayo certainly does take commercial insurance.  They do not take new medicare patients but if you had it and were a patient years ago they will take it but with certain rules in arizona only :    


    Does Mayo Clinic accept Medicare?

        Yes, Mayo Clinic is a participating Medicare facility in Rochester, Minn., in Florida and at all Mayo Clinic Health System locations.

        Mayo Clinic in Arizona does not currently accept assignment for Medicare Part B (medical and professional services) but, does participate in Medicare Part A (hospital services).

    For patients receiving services in Arizona:

        Mayo Clinic in Arizona does not currently accept assignment for Medicare Part B.

        “Non-participating” means that Mayo Clinic does not accept the predetermined Medicare fees as payment-in-full. Also, the patient will be reimbursed by Medicare directly for covered services, and will then need to pay Mayo Clinic for charges including their out-of-pocket responsibilities.

        Like other health care organizations that do not accept Medicare Part B assignment, Mayo Clinic is permitted to bill up to 15 percent above the Medicare Fee Schedule. The patient is financially responsible for these additional charges.

        This 15 percent charge paid to non-participating providers is sometimes referred to as “Part B excess charges” by Medicare.

    Mayo has such clout that they can do what other hospital systems cant, thats the extra 15%.  Yes its unfair but this is what they have done.  Yes they are expensive. But thats what the mayo is.  They consistently win awards and are considered by many to be the best of the best.  There are plenty of other good systems in Arizona and you dont have to go to mayo to get good care. I recently went there and had a terrible experience and will not go back.  My father who has been a patient there for years was diagnosed with cancer in March. they wouldnt take his case. He went to Virginia Piper center and got great care and is thankfully doing very well.

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