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Vinyl Plotter hook up question.?

Hi, so I'm trying to hook up my Vinyl Plotter to a newer computer. The plotter is a Sign Warehouse Vinyl Express R series. It has a serial port 9 pin hole cord that hooks into it. I can't locate a cord to go from that into my new computer. My new computer has hdmi, usb 3.0 and DVI D Dual & that's it. No Serial port? Any suggestions?

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    You need to get a USB you serial converter or an add in serial card.

    The USB adapter may not work properly with the plotter or it's software without upgrading.

    Serial cards are available in PCI or PCIE depending on what slots you have available.

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    USB stands for Universal Serial Bus, so you do have a Serial port.  What you need is this, a USB to 9 Pin converter.  Just make sure that you get one with the correct 9 pin config (male or female)  I would also make sure you have all the right drivers to run under your current Windows OS. 

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