ASTROLOGERS: Daily to-do lists, Multitasking, or some other efficiency habit?

Although I know astrology is considered a primitive version of astronomy, I still cannot help but be enthralled by it's exiting mysticism. I've got Yasmin Boland's almanac. 

Every night I feel disappointed 'cause there are too many tasks remaining undone. Tried writing to-do lists, but they make it hard to start, in particular if they are too long. .............Then I tried writing lists of finished tasks, but they caused much diffused effort, cause they don't serve as a reminder of what must be done quickly. 

How do they organize each day at Galtvort? Are they using to-do lists?

Our bodies' biological watch, also known as the circadian rhythm, helps us understand this. The rotation of the earth, moon, and sun should determine my daily to-do list. Multitasking is only possible while the sun is at its' zenith. And even then it is difficult for me. I use my watch, but I prefer looking at the sky while guessing what time it is. 

I feel connected to plants that open their leaves each morning, and close them each night.

To sum it up: Which is the most efficient way to get things done? For spiritual people? I wanna be à jour

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