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O-levels and A-levels, do I they have an equivalent qualification in the Philippines?

Hello I am a Filipino and I am planning to apply as an international student in Singapore this 2021. However, one of the qualifications states that I have to insert my A or O-levels qualifications. Here in the Philippines, I did not took any exams called like this, so I am so confused if they have an equivalent exam/qualifications in the Philippines. Is there any? If there is, what is it please? If there is none, then what will I do?

P.S. I am a graduate of Grade 11 and 12 here in the Philippines and I am currently a sophomore student nurse in a state university in the Philippines as well.

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    contact admissions at of of your target schools by email and ask their advice ... they may supply link to how you can take required exams, or substitutes

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    3 months ago

    i'd  suggest  discussing  with  the  guidance-counselor  at  your  current  institution … expect  your  high-school  or  your  college  will  have  such  a  director  on  campus.  explain  your  intent (singapore education)  with  the  counselor … surely  he  will  be  able  to  point  you  in  the  right  direction … and  also  answer  any  outstanding  questions  you  may  still  have.

    additionally … you  might  wish  to  ask  for  appointment  with  singaporean  consulate … quite  certain  they're  located  in  manila … discuss  your  plans  with  them.

    one  other  thing … if  you  have  the  resources … you  might  also  wish  to  research  online … for  sample  examinations.

    however … your  career-counselor  should  be  first  on  your  list … as  well  as  your  'confidante'.

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    3 months ago

    I suggest you ask your University.

    I don't  think you will find anyone from the Philippines on here.

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