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What would be a good way to let him know i like him and to encourage him to let me know if he likes me?

I have a gut feeling this man likes me, I don't know how much or how little. Before I had a feeling he liked me, I was ok around him and would even occasionally speak to him and ask him things (I'm shy and generally anxious around men) but he is quiet and seems mature and nice so I didn't feel uncomfortable around him. I noticed he kept looking at me when I wasn't looking but I could see in my peripheral vision. I thought little of it because he doesn't stare or flirt. It then clicked that he might like me when there was a winter party event and he was helping out with the snacks along side another person. I was in the line to be served by the other person with one person ahead of me and he looked up and saw me and his eyes widened and brows shot up in complete shock/surprise and he quickly buried his head down again and continued with the snacks. Same event we were all inside and he was watching me and i was standing in a circle with others and he came in and parted the circle by standing against me to reach over and tap the person opposite to get her attention for something. Nowadays he still watches me when he thinks I can't see and examines my face whenever I pass him but we haven't spoke and I'm completely avoiding eye contact now because whenever someone likes me, I get super shy and try to avoid the rush of emotions causing me anxiety. What would be a good way to let him know i like him and to encourage him to let me know if he likes me? We both seem shy.

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    Damn, you are both super shy. On of you need to take the leap, and just even say hello, if a party, make a comment about the party, keep it general at first. This has become a huge problem, since social media. People no longer know how to approach anyone anymore.  You both may be missing out on what could turn into a good thing. I hope one of you makes a move. Maybe one of your friends can help break the ice with him for you.

  • God
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    1 month ago

    If you work together "accidentally" run into him at lunchtime.  Ask him if he'd like to sit with at for lunch. 

  • kristy
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    1 month ago

    You have to loosen up and not be shy. 

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