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Why he doesn’t want to commit to me? ?

He says : we keep coming back to each other so it must mean something 

He says he has lots of fun with me 

He comments on how I’m dressed and tells me what he likes about my jumper for instance. If I wear glasses and he’s not seen me in the before he comments and says I look nice 

He says I look cute when I’m lying on the couch. 

I was feeling down so he brought me 3 bags full of goodies. Ice cream , cookies, sweets, wine etc 

He wants to have sex with me. I don’t let him but he pleases me sexually as in we don’t habe pénétration but he does other things to make me feel good (which I’m on with) 

I tell him he can stay at mine a couple of days. He says on and asks if he can bring some clothes next time and wants to get into work from my place 

Why with all of this, when I tell him I want a relationship, he doesn’t say that he wants one too

I tell him I don’t want to pressure him. But I want marriage and kids 

And he says ‘what makes you think that I don’t want that either’ 

But he hasn’t committed to me 

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    He is taking it slow, he is not looking to get hurt. So many girls play men these days. He may have been played before. So, no pressure on him, or chance him going and not coming back.

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    He's having a good time with you as things stand at the moment.  He gets a bit of sexual action but wants more and hopes you'll allow it in the future.  Sounds like you are having a good time with him too.  If you are only there for each other and he has no other females he similarly visits and you have no other males who visit you either - then I'd say you are boyfriend and girlfriend anyway without some sort of 'official' notice to the world.  You already have a close relationship if you are heavily petting and visiting each other and buying gifts and stuff.  Do you perhaps want some sort of Certificate of Officialdom to put on the wall before you go any further in this relationship.  Will you be very disappointed if he suddenly found another girl to have fun with with no commitment?

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