Do you agree that this artificial male doll, should only wear an unbuttoned open shirt if he has hair on his chest?

Using this artificial dummy, as an example of Male style and fashion, do you not agree that a man should only wear an unbuttoned shirt if he has hair on his chest?


Either that, or invest in a 24ct gold chain?

Also five o'clock shadow would look better?

And a bit shorter with the hair?

Update 2:

And what about that hairstyle? Too boyish?

Update 3:

And before i get reported for derogatory remarks, calling him an artificial male doll, like i did for calling that other blonde woman an artificial blonde woman,, no, no, he really is an artificial male doll.

He can be packed in to one of those boxes behind him.

Update 4:


Try not to take too literally the word "should".

Of course people can wear what they want.

That goes without saying.

But for people interested in fashion, they might wish to express an opinion on what looks best.

I am sure even people that express opinions on what looks best, are also well aware that people can wear what they want.

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  • 1 month ago
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    Nope--I like to see a man's chest muscles, not his chest hair.

  • 1 month ago

    It doesn't matter that this is a doll. The attitude and subtext is the real problem. We've reached peak equality. Women have put up with this sexist "all women should look and dress like sex dolls" bullshoit for a long long time. I've see hundreds of why don't women always wear heels, make up tight dresses shirt skirts crop tops short shorts bikinis in winter crap for years and it warms my cynical heart to see more of this nonsense being directed to men. Now they can see how humiliating and inappropriate these posts are. It isn't any more acceptable when it's done to men. NO. Men, like women should dress the way they want. They should not dress to fulfil one person's sex fantasies. Men and women have the right to wear what they want and you have absolutely no say in their clothing choices. Men and women are not out to please you or anyone. They are are unique individuals with the right to dress to please themselves. 

  • Darla
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    1 month ago

    No, I rather don't agree. Hairless chest still needs to wear clothes. 

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