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Why is this wasp staying in the same place?

I have a wasp in my house right on our alarm system which is right by our door and I don't know how it got in, most likely through the door when it was opened and like I said, I have an alarm system right by the door and it's been on the alarm system since last night and it moves occasionally but only on the alarm system. It just stays right in the same spot and moves around a bit. I was just curious if it's common for wasps to do that. I believe it's a paper wasp by the way. It's pure yellow. It's body is all yellow and it's not a yellow jacket because there aren't any stripes on it. I don't want to try and kill it though because there's always the chance a ton of wasps will arrive after I kill it and infest my house with wasps. Especially if there's a nest nearby.

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  • drip
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    4 weeks ago
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    The wasp is keeping warm.   If you kill it there is no chance of a hoard of wasp coming into your house for revenge.

  • gerald
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    1 month ago

    You are correct its an outrider it surveys the area for the hive and reports back any possible threats to the hive , your alarm is a perfect base to monitor the house and its occupants , WARNING do not harm him as his absence from the hive would bring the full force of the wasp comunity , HEAD OF INTERNATIONAL WASP PROTECTION Bzzzz Bzzzz

  • 1 month ago

    So you're worried about the revenge of the Wasps? Sounds like a great movie title.

    Hit that bad boy with some automotive starting fluid (Ether) and put the little twitching remnant in the garbage can. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Ok, so Pearl makes the some of the most obvious remarks and is usually dead wrong.  This time, she's on the money.  I'm going to guess that the alarm has electricity running through it, and may be a degree or two warmer than anywhere else.  So, the wasp is merely keeping warm, and if I were you, I'd just kill it and be done with it.  You don't want it to suddenly disappear into your house while you sleep....

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  • Pearl
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    1 month ago

    cause it likes it there

  • 1 month ago

    Kill it anyway. No balls, you won't.

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