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How do I learn to eat foods which I don't like?

The foods which I find disgusting are often healthy. If I don't eat these foods, I will be unhealthy. I hate eating boiled eggs, bitter vegetables and lentils.

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    If you eat a balanced diet, then you don't have to eat every food out there.

    You don't like bitter vegetables, fine. Don't eat them. Just eat those that don't taste bitter, eg carrots.

    And you are get through life without eating lentils.

    Again, if you don't like boiled eggs, then don't. There are plenty of ways of cooking eggs.

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    Find different ways to cook them, for e.g boil, grill, fry etc. Also use different seasonings 

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    Try different ways of preparing them.  Brussell sprouts can be quite bitter if you boil them, but taste better if you roast them.

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    - Cut the food into very small pieces.

    - Eat with something you like.

    - Drink something before and after swallowing.

    - Disguise food with sauces and seasonings .

    - Eat just enough.

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    Make an egg drop soup. Juice the vegetables. Lentils-grind them into dip or make dhal. 

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    Change them up a bit. 

    If you don't like an egg boiled, can you eat it scrambled or in an omelet?

    You can do a lot with veggies to diguise their flavor and make them easier to eat.

    - If you like chili, meatloaf, or spaghetti sauce, hide some veggies in them. Carrots, any leafy veg, cauliflower, broccoli, onion and peppers can all be pureed or at least finely diced and cooked in those foods and you won't notice them at all, and you will be getting the benefit of eating a healthier version. 

    - Veggie soup is really good for cooking lots of different veggies and having a really good meal. Lentils can go in it as well. 

    - Try roasting your veggies. Any dense veggie like potatoes, turnip, carrots, Brussel sprouts, squash, sweet potato, beetroot, asparagus can all be roasted and they turn out delish. Just cube your veggies into about 1" cubes, (for the asparagus 1" pieces, and Brussel sprouts just cut them in half or quarter depending on their size) place your veggies in a bowl, add enough of your favorite oil to lightly coat the veggies, (less is more) place the veggies on a parchement lined pan and add salt, pepper and what ever spices you like, and then cook at 350* until golden brown on the outside and fork tender inside. Check after 20 minutes or so, but plan on it taking roughly 45 minutes to an hour. Make sure your veggies are all the same size so they evenly cook.

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    So just avoid that foods you do not like. But Expand your food choices-like try vegetables from an Ethnic market. There are many different vegetables you have probably never even heard of. For example, there are more than 50 types of squash. There is summer squash, winter squash, etc. There are green beans, wax (yellow) beans, cranberry beans, purple beans, etc. and all have a slightly different taste. 

    Don't like the sharpness of green peppers? Go for the sweeter variety like red, orange, chocolate, white, yellow, purple. 

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    Boiled eggs, bitter vegetables and lentils are in no way essential to good health. 

    The sensible thing to do is not even to attempt to eat foods that you know you don't like. Concentrate instead of having a varied, nutritious diet made up of the foods you do like.

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    Try and cook them in a way where you dont taste them too strongly, or incorporate them with other foods. Other than that, you cant do much about it. I usually start craving the taste of a food ive never liked and suddenly i start trying it out again and wind up liking it. 

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    Make deviled eggs, with a little Grey Poupon mixed in with the yolk, or fry them.  Camouflage the bitter veggies in a hot curry sauce and balance the bitter ones with good ones, like peas and other yummy veggies.  Make lentil soup.

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    WTF do you want to eat yucky foods?  I don't eat boiled eggs, bitter vegetables or lentils.  I generally only eat vegetables only one in two or three days.  I have never care about what is "healthy", and at age 73 I am not going to change.

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