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What are some pros and cons of living in each of these coastal states?

I currently live on the coast of Alabama. After I graduate in 2 years (assuming I'll find a job in one of these states), I would like to move to the coast of a different state, specifically the east or west coast. I was thinking Maine, Wahington, Alaska, Oregon, Hawaii, or South Carolina. Can anyone from experience enlighten me with some pros and cons of living in these areas? 

Please consider these things: I have a child, prefer colder weather, love nature but don't want to be in the middle of nowhere, must live near the water (a place to scuba dive would be a plus), and I study marine biology and tourism.The reason I want to move away from Alabama is to experience life in a new place. No rude answers, please.

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    I will suggest Michigan.  You'll still be on a coast (the Great Lakes are international waters), and the scuba diving is quite good.  There aren't any sharks or jellyfish to worry about.  Of course, they do freeze over in the winter, but that'll keep the water free from getting churned up by passing boats.  Just keep somebody up top to maintain the hole in the ice.

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    There are both pros and cons when it comes to living by the Atlantic Coast. Weather can be just one component for coastal homeowners, so we decided to offer up some tips for Boca Raton residents who have beachfront properties and those who want to invest in a tropical oasis.

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    Oregon and Washington are nice, WA perhaps slightly better.  In addition to their coasts they have nice rain forests and mountains inland.

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    If you like cold weather you probably wouldn't be happy in Hawaii or South Carolina (although the SCUBA diving would be better there). Even in the middle of Anchorage you kind of feel like you're "in the middle of nowhere" just because the state is so vast and sparsely populated. Maine is kind of a similar story to that, not much going on outside of just one major city. Washington's major city is actually on the coast, Oregon's is not. But I'd honestly base this decision on where you get the best employment offer and where you can reasonably procure the best education for your child. 

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    If you like winter I would look at New York, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Delaware, New Jersey.

    Washington gets more rain than actual winter. South Carolina and Hawaii doesn’t get cold. 

    Alaska is expensive. I can’t believe what my friend spends on food there.

    Really it comes down to where you can get a job,

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    I would mark South Carolina and Hawaii off your lists if you want cold weather.  But Hawaii is your best option for scuba diving, marine biology, and tourism-related work.  The cost of living there is quite high.  Oregon, Washington, and Maine are all beautiful, and the first 2 have pretty moderate climates - not incredibly hot, not incredibly cold.  All 3 have pretty decent tourism industries.  I myself haven't been to Alaska, but my best friend lived there for a few years and hated it.  That's all I have to go on for there.  I have close friends or family in all of the other places you mentioned.

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