Global flooding has not increased, so why do alarmists claim otherwise?

See meme.

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    1 month ago
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    Study shows that lands get higher as water levels rise.

    Sea-level rise simulation suggests that low-lying Pacific islands such as those in Tuvalu, Tokelau and Kiribati are likely to adapt to the effects of climate change rather than simply sink beneath the waves, according to Kiwi researchers. The researchers created 1:50 scale replica of the uninhabited island of Fatato in Tuvalu and submitted the model to rising water levels and mock storm-generated waves. They found that the highest part of the island actually got higher as rising sea levels and strong wave action washed sand and gravel toward it. They say this shows the islands may be more resilient than we thought as they may be able to change shape to adapt to the climate.

    July 05, 2019Physical modelling of the response of reef islands to sea-level riseMegan E. Tuck;Paul S. Kench;Murray R. Ford;Gerd MasselinkGeology (2019) 47 (9): 803–806.

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    A global campaign to overcome the climate crisis while alleviating poverty and hunger, and caring for the land.

    The fight against climate change has just become far more urgent, and could become the greatest challenge of survival for mankind — ever. The evidence is clear: climate change is now occurring faster. The acceleration of global warming is nearly unstoppable – unless we act now, and unless we act ambitiously, together, as a global community.

    The historic shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy is just getting under way, as countries set more significant targets for zeroing out their emissions by 2050.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Some island in the Pacific capsized 🏝 

    But that’s about it

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    1 month ago

    Some Islands in the South Pacific are now below sea level. Google search it, if you need evidence.

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  • 1 month ago

    @Enguerarrard.  No, they haven't.  Not global anyway.

  • ?
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    1 month ago

    Wrong. Some very low Pacific atolls are going under.

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