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Why are people in the US afraid of the Democrats getting back the White House?

We saw how jobs and the economy grew under the two-terms of Clinton and Obama. Why would you not want the economy and jobs to grow. Goldman Sachs has documented that the US Economy will add more jobs in the coming months with a Democrat as President. Get off of this "Socialist" kick and let's start helping our fellow Americans who need help instead of being petty and bitter. The US Economy needs a kickstart and the Democrats winning the White House and Senate will do it starting January 3 and January 20.


@Jeancommunicates-You need to take an Adult timeout. You are wrong. 

Update 2:

@The Oracle of Omigod-Please provide links to back up your answer. We don't believe you. Sounds like you are regurgitating what Fox News has brainwashed you with.

Update 3:

@Augie-They were not armed. Again you are a Fox News watcher.

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    Obama himself said that it would be impossible for this country to have the growth we saw under Trump's policies.  If Biden wins, we will have a major, permanent depression.   Do you know that there are lots of people in Europe who graduate from college and never, ever get a job?  Do you know that it is easier to get a divorce in some European countries than it is to fire an employee who refuses to do his job?  Do you know that businesses will turn away business rather than take the risk of hiring enough employees to fill the demand?

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    Every state I've lived in, the Democratic cities were full of murder and political corruption.

    Tell me truthfully, if you were in St Louis and armed rioters came to your family's home would you bring out yor guns> I WOULD...but who gets arrested? The homeowners. 

    This is why gun ownership is skyrocketing: Democrats

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    Democrats will NOT win.  God is not finished with President Trump knocking down Barack Obama's legacy.  And since Biden stood idly by and let Obama do as he wanted, Biden will be refused a legacy.   Almighty God is still on the throne.  Barack Obama forgot that what you do to Israel, will be done to you.  And so did VP Biden.  So answer me, why would God let Biden win?

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