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Does America really have a 1st Amendment?

I see all of you people online attacking each other for your political views as if everyone has to follow the same person and the hate is getting worse to where it starting to lead America down a very dark road.....why do you people not realize the moment we start to attack each other America is as good as dead....a Nation Divided is destined to fall

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    I agree with you. We are turning into a nation of hate. No one is allowed to have their own opinions. We have become a nation of “ everyone is entitled to my opinion “ when we try to stifle free speech to ANYONE we are a communist country. If I don’t agree with someone I ignore them. We have been raising our children to be entitled brats that it is now a hate crime to say something that hurts their feelings. We now have to change words in the dictionary on daily basis instead of raising them to know that words are not violent unless they become action. I DO NOT agree with nor would I ever support any hate groups but we CANNOT force anyone to like a certain race religion or gender and I believe that is exactly what is happening and thats why all of these different hate groups are popping up everyday. I would like to believe that a civilized nation could agree to disagree without violence but America has proven me wrong. We have already fallen 

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    You're right, and some people recognize that those who suppress others' opinions & their right to express them lose their freedom. "Political correctness" has stifled freedom of speech, truthful news reporting, honesty, prosecution of corruption.

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    Google was sued today by the DOJ for Antitrust violations.  Facebook and Twitter are about to lose their 230 protections.  I think things are about to change for the better.  These billionaires should not be able to run the world.  None of them.

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    It's been divided for 244 years.  We've been attacking each other for most of those years.

    Hasn't failed yet.  You would seem to be wrong.

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    Does the 1st Amendment not allow someone to disagree openly with someone else?  Freedom of speech, so long as you agree with ME.  8^)  I'll have to go take another look. Maybe I missed that part.

    How does that work, exactly?  Is it the president you have to always agree with?  Just Republican presidents?  Does the first person to express a new opinion have that right, and then everyone has to agree with him?

    We already know there are whole categories of speech that are not protected.  To be specific, 9 categories:

        Obscenity    Fighting words    Defamation (including libel and slander)    Child pornography    Perjury    Blackmail    Incitement to imminent lawless action    True threats    Solicitations to commit crimes

    I think if we could just avoid THOSE, we'd be in much better shape!

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    1 month ago

    Majority of Americans don't even know what the 1st Amendment entails.

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