I told my woman friend I liked a guy and she told me these: 1. Forget him. Like another guy?

2. He most probably lost his virginity at 16, will you sleep with him?

3. He did not invite you anywhere all this time so he wont do that. He doesnt like you in return.

4. She kept on asking if he is single. I said he is not married.

5. This pandemic holiday will be a chance for you to forget him. 

What is this about? She overreacted. I simply said I liked him. I did not say I want to marry him! Why did she react this way? I am sure she isnt sleeping with him or anything or she isnt in love with him.


She also meant we dont suit each other. And after allt his, I told her the next day, are these your words or his words and she told me she is just being realistic.

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    1 month ago
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    i think she is in love with him and she is the one who slept with him.she is feeling some sort of pain and  is hurt that he maybe likes u,and that it was her friend he likes. so maybe he didnt know she was your friend, or she knew.But she never told you,he was her ex boyfriend. uff. too confusing. but realize its natural to have these feelings. just try to understand her pain too. maybe she will leave him?and help u....hope that helps. tc. just trying to help, im guessing.

  • 1 month ago

    Maybe she's jealous and wants you for herself.

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