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Whats the worst and most painful bone to break?

Any bone break is painful though whats was the most painful break out of any you had? Thanks 

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    I've broke my hand and most recently my ankle. 

    Ankle break was insanely painful - mind you it's broke it 3 places - 8 weeks later and I'm just managing to put weight on it. You know you walk about but it's insane how much you need your ankle, even when just sitting or lying down. 

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    Pain is relative, we adjust. For me the break, damage, whatever is not the issue. It's what part of you body do you lose use of while recovering.  Yes, they all suck but I prefer to damage the upper body, so I have some mobility still. Like today, I reached over with my left arm to move to the proper gear.  But at times, not being able to use a leg properly meant no driving in the first place.

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    The lumbar region of my spine has multiple fractures from a football injury 23 years ago, and it was agony for a few weeks.  It still hurts badly every day...but it's mostly the disc and nerve damage.

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    Elbow as 2nd most painful. Even science agrees that the elbow is the most complex bone to break and recover from. It is also the most painful because the ulnar and median nerves run right across that bones. Throwing off the nerves placement. I broken my left elbow (Olecranon) 8 months ago. Needed surgery of metal hardware the break wouldn't heal without titanium. I have arthritis in that now which is dam painful on most days. Its not something you get over like other breaks. I have this arthritis and numbness in the cold and heat wave shocks in the arm in sunny days. I cant ever straighten it ever again because its so jacked up. Look after your elbows peeps. Its no joke. Though I do think the spine breaks are the most painful. They have very sensitive nerves that would ruin you if the spine broke. Be careful out there

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