I want a PS5 for Christmas, but it's expensive, but...?

So, recently my parents bought my younger sister a car, she is only a few years younger than me. We all still give each other presents. My parents will want to know what I want for Christmas in November or December, so I want to tell them that I want a PS5 (the standard disc edition - $500). They gave her the car because she got in a crash, so she needed it. Although, my mom says I'm always hard to buy for around my birthday and Christmas and I never ask for much in general. Do you think it's reasonable for me to ask for a PS5?

2 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    You know your parents, we don’t.

    But as an adult, asking for a $500 toy is a big ask. Unlike a car it’s not remotely as useful. And just because they bought your sister a car does not mean that you’re also entitled to expect a very expensive gift.

    But if you’re also happy to buy your parents $500 gifts of items that they genuinely want then no problem.

    A grown adult should be able to buy his own console. Unless he’s out of work in which case that kind of money is better spent on essential items.

  • 1 month ago

    I'd say it's reasonable to ask for it, but also keep in mind that just because you asked for it doesn't mean they will buy it (and likely can't).  So have proper expectations in mind.

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