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Do you believe the dead watches over us?

I don't know what to make of it. My then fiance died in an auto accident several years ago. I'm now married with kids.

2018:I was heading to my nearby store like usual. As I'm walking on the sidewalk, I heard someone called me (3 times) by the middle name, loud and clear. Only my grandma and fiance would call me by the middle and it was a man's voice, his voice.I stopped and was felt scared at this point. Then about 5-6 seconds later, a huge air conditioning unit fell. It narrowly missed me by less than a foot and I only had a small scrape on my left foot from a small piece of glass. The store manager and others kept asking if I was ok. So basically I was right at the spot where I've would've died if I had walked a bit more. I turned around and he wasn't there. No one else heard him, except me. If that was really him, then he saved my life. When we lose a loved one,do you think they are still out there watching over us???

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    i believe it's possible... i too have heard voices calling my name but no one's anywhere around! maybe it is spiritual entities trying to tell us something!

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