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What is the Name of the Louisiana Parish in Which Ted and Buck Fought a Duel in the Movie, "Jezebel"?

The 1938 movie, Jezebel, starring Henry Fonda and Bette Davis, opens in Orleans Parish (New Orleans).  When the Yellow Fever breaks out, they all go to their Summer home, Halcyon, in an effort to escape the disease, because the fever had never come that far before.  While there, Preston is bitten by a mosquito, but goes back to New Orleans to handle a problem at the bank.  His brother, Ted, and Buck Cantrell, remain in the parish, get into an argument, and fight a duel.  Does anyone know or remember the name of the parish outside Orleans to which they attempted to escape?

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    I don't think the film ever said, except that it was somewhere upriver.  And supposedly far enough away to be safe from the fever.  But close enough that "yellow jackets" could reach it on foot.

    Most likely, it's intended to be one of the parishes between New Orleans and Baton Rouge - otherwise "downriver to the city" would have meant a completely different city.

    Which leaves St. Charles, St. John the Baptist, St. James, Ascension and Iberville parishes.


    It's probably an indirect reference to Andrew Jackson's plantation by the same name, though that was much further upriver in Mississippi - almost all the way to Tennessee.

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