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How safe is the 737 Max compared to the A340?

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    Well... The A340 never had a fatal crash and the Max is currently grounded after two disasters. I'm sure everything will be fixed for it to be certified again, I would fly a MAX without problems after recertification, but as far as it was until now, you did better in a A340.

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    Boeing wanted to put bigger engines on to improve performance and gas mileage.  But their planes had the wings too close to the ground so they changed the engine mount so the engine was more forward of the wing and could be higher.   This greatly changed the dynamics of the engine exhaust and wing flow.   The plane was unstable so Boeing fixed it with a computer patch.   The problem is the patch did not work as well as they hoped.    Boeing needs to go back and read the short story called SUPERIORITY by Arthur C Clarke written in 1951.    When you have a complicated system of parts and controls you can not just go change something without it effecting a lot of other stuff and when you try to fix those problems you create even more problems.  

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    Well since the 737 max 8 isn't allowed to fly right now, it's about a safe as any plane can possibly be. Once you try to get and stay in the air in that thing, . . . well . . . what do you want me to tell ya? As for the A 340, in it's over 19 year operational history it's only had a handful of accidents. # are attributable to pilot error, and a few due to sub landing gear failures. No fatalities. "JINX!!!!" You know. Just in case. 

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    Two crashes in less than a year (in service starting in 2017), when there were less than 400 planes operating for the 737MAX, with 346 deaths

    Meanwhile, the A340 (in service since 1993) has never been involved in a fatal accident, although 6 airplane (out  of the 377 delivered) sustained accidents that damaged the plane beyond repair.

    But why would you want to compare the safety of a relatively small, single aisle short range aircraft (the 737MAX) with a 4 engine, ultra long range twin aisle aircraft with twice as many passengers?

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