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Ps4 controllers are acting strange?

Im not sure if its the console or ps4 itself? Ive gone through 4 controllers and its doing the same thing. Ok so i play call of duty modern warfare[2019], titanfall, destiny 2, FPS games to be exact and like i go left, right, up, down, etc. R2, l2 you know and all sudden the controller goes all the way down then left then spins etc. Like with even touch anything thing like it has a mind of of its own. It goes away but then eventually i have stop playing for little while becuase it starts analog sticks start input lagging. 2 of the controller were brand new. The other 2 were older. Again im not sure if its my console or ps4 controller , thanks 

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  • Will
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    1 month ago

    If it's not because they're old and the stress from gripping it after these years isn't the problem, it is likely the communication between the controller and console. If anything is obstructing the space between where you sit and the location of the PS4, fix it. I only said "fix it" because it might not be something you can move. If it is something that is moveable, obviously move it, or relocate your console. The bad communication has been my cause for controller lag. 

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