Disclosure statement from school I already withdrawled from?

So today (Oct 13) I went on my email and noticed I'd been notified of a disclosure statement for loans. I'd previously switched schools, and when I'd withdrawled from the previous school, which we'll call School A, I'd previously wondered if EVERYTHING would be cut off, including loans. However, I log into the site and look at the disclosure statements (one dated august 25 and the other october 7) and they're both from School A. 

Now, I haven't fully set up for School B yet, as I'm not even attending till the winter semester begins, so I know it can't be an error where it's still showing up as school A. I've looked around the help sections but for my specific scenario I was told to "contact my school's financial aid office" so I called School A and left a voicemail about my situation. 

My big plight is that I'll still have to pay these loans off, even when I've been told that I wouldn't need to as I withdrawled before the school year even started. Will they just straight up cancel it, or is there some part in this that allows them to hold me to the loan still? 

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  • keerok
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    2 months ago
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    Fix it. You'll have to talk to School A about the cancellation and keep reminding them you never attended classes there. If you don't fix it, the loan remains. Assume nothing is automatic.

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