Does it mean anything that my ex still has our painting up?

I'm an art student and I painted my then boyfriend a piece I created. The day we started dating I took a photo of our hands together and then painted that image. He broke up with me 3 months ago so he could get therapy and we still hang out. I'm hoping one day we can be together again but it's confusing bc we do everything we did as a couple except be intimate (though he's not afraid to hug me before he leaves or lay really close to me in my bed whenever he comes over to watch movies.) I sent a package of cookies to him as a gift and I wanted to be sure he got them and when he sent me the pic I noticed he still had the painting hanging in his windowsill. Should I think this means he still wants to be with me or could someone really forget to take something like this down? I also made a 3ftx2ft oil painting of him that I had been keeping but I painted his face out bc I was tired of being reminded we weren't together so I'm unsure if I just overthink things

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    You are overthinking.  In general, men are not bothered about removing things.  The picture has sat there for a while and he might actually like it.  Why should he remove it because you are no longer together?

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