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Whose Idea Was It for Massachusetts and Maine to Split Up?  Massachusetts or Maine?

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    People in what would become Maine had long wanted their own government because they felt, with justification, that the state government in Boston, didn't serve their interests.  The population in what is today Massachusetts was just so much larger than the people in Maine, who had distinctive interests, didn't get much of a voice. 

    Massachusetts wasn't really sad to see their economically marginal northern colony go, and the separation was part of the Compromise of 1820 which gained the North two new Senators.

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    Maine got connected to Mass in colonial times for the convenience of the British.  After the Revolution there was no immediate momentum to change, but Maine did have a sufficient economy and population after 1810, so was given statehood to keep a balance with slave states.

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    Maine cheated with New Hampshire and Mass got mad and ended it.

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