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What does I’ll spend the rest of my life looking for Waldo mean? ?

I saw it on an Instagram bio and didn’t want to be a creep and ask the person what they mean by that. I would think it’s a metaphor or something like, they’ll spend the rest of their life looking for Waldo, Waldo is happiness? What do you think it means?

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    Well, Waldo is the titular character from the Where's Waldo books, but insta quotes don't necessarily have to mean anything. lots of people have short, pithy quotes on their gram or FB or whatever that SOUND deep and clever, but are ultimately just poser bullsh*t without any deeper meaning

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    Not 100% sure, and I'm not sure I'd find it creepy if someone messaged me regarding something I put out there for people so see. My theory is that Waldo is a meaphor for their soulmate, but perhaps they were just trying to be cute.

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