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I asked an inoffensive question about the causes of mental illness and it was deleted from Yahoo Answers.  Why?

I just asked: since mental illness is caused by chemical imbalances in the brain, how do trauma-caused mental illnesses work.  I waited a while and got no answers.  Came back and the question had been deleted.  What happened?

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    A lot of questions on YA have been taken down lately for no discernible reason. If you still want to know the answer to your original question - trauma affects the way the brain develops and is structured. A child who grows up homeless has a wildly different life experience to a child who grows up in a suburban neighbourhood and their brains will develop very differently as a result.

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    some are reporting question for no reason at all and I know because I will ask a question, and pick best answer and someone reports it and nothing was wrong with the question. many kids are on here cussing, rude and some get best answer all the time and think they know everything and you can not know everything because they are not perfect

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