US citizen getting married in the philippines?

I have a friend who’s a US cotizen that is getting married in the philippines, but according to the court over their, he would need a document called “legal capacity to marry.” The philippine AND US embassy in the philippines are temporarily closed due to covid. Is it possible to obtain it here in the US. If so, which department/agency should i call? Any help would be appreciated. 

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  • RICK
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    1 week ago

    The US embassy is not closed

    The are on reduced hours and reduced staff. They need to make an appointment.  I just communicated with embassy staff in Manila last week

    Don't listen to Peter,  there is no divorce in the Philippines but all an American citizen has to do is fly back to the states and get divorced, and yes the Philippines does recognize them

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  • David
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    4 weeks ago

    Unfortunately, I know the exact answer to this question, and I am not guessing.  My situation is rather unique.  I was living in South Korea, when I met the Philippine citizen who I (eventually) decided would be my 2nd wife.  Together, we decided to get married in the Philippines.  I was told to get the legal capacity from the U.S. Embassy.

    So, I traveled to the U.S. embassy in ***Seoul*** and got the proper document.  Only, when I went to file it in the Philippines, it was not accepted.  To me it seems ridiculous, apply for a marriage license in the Philippines, a United States citizen needs a legal capacity to marry document from the U.S. Embassy in Manila.  If you get the exact same document in the exact same format from a different U.S. Embassy, it will not be accepted.  In my mind at least, that makes ZERO sense.  But that's the way it is.

    So bottom line...a U.S. Citizen wanting to get married in the Philippines right NOW would have to wait until the U.S. Embassy in Manila opens.  From memory, you then need to make an appointment (online) to visit the Embassy.  If you have a previous marriage, then you need to carry an original divorce decree (not a copy).  

    Considering that all services at the U.S. Embassy are going to get "backed up", I wouldn't count on being able to get married in the Philippines until at least a few months after the U.S. Embassy opens again.  Which might be Fall of 2021?  (just guessing on that part)

  • hihi!
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    2 months ago

    WT has the perfect answer. I add... IF he was previously married and divorced, he probably will need his divorce papers, too.

    EDIT: If you want to see if she is a golddigger, just tell her you want to live in the Philippines.

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  • 2 months ago

    He can go to the office that issues marriage licenses where he lives and ask if they can issue a "no record of being married" letter.  

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    She just wants to move to America.

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