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Is it possible to eat what you want and lose weight?

Anyone know ? Im currently been intermidiate fasting (4 hours each day) and eating breakfast , a snack and just dinner and drinking water. Im thinking of eating anything like for breakfast pancakes , or eating goldfish as a snack . Is it possible to eat food like this but in small portions ? 

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    Theoretically, yes. It really depends on what you "want" to eat and how much of it you eat. Intermittent fasting is a popular weight loss tool, but you say "4 hrs each day". If you are fasting only 4 hrs, that's not very long and implies you get up at night and eat. If your eating window is 4 hrs and you eat 3x during that 4 hrs it would depend on the total calorie intake. You could easily stretch your eating window to the more common 8 hrs, and still eat the same amount of food you are now. 


    Yeah, you can eat pancakes and goldfish crackers and lose weight BUT considering there is little to no nutrition in those things, eventually you'll see negative effects on your health. Your body needs the vitamins and minerals from fruits and veggies, healthy fats, and learn protein. Your post mentions simple carbs only. No nutrition there. 

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    You are not "intermittent fasting" - you're just pausing between meals. The bare minimum schedule for I.F. is 16/8: fast for 16 hrs, only eat during the 8. And that isn't even really for weight loss, but is just a starting point so the body can adjust. Pounds won't come off unless you drop down to eating only once a day. IF works by resetting your metabolism, switching from needing food intake to burning the stored fat. You'll never get there at the rate you're going.

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    Yea If you enjoy eating healthy 

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