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Question I have about heart health?

I've been having chest pain for about 3 or so years. I've had about 10 ecgs and an ultrasound of my heart back in 2017, the results of the ecgs showed nothing wrong and the ultrasound also showed nothing was wrong. I have seen a cardiologist back October 2018 and she believes that my chest pain is a muscuosekeltal problem. My family doctor also told me that my heart was fine before I visited the cardiologist, I had seen him before multiple times before seeing the cardiologist. Am I worrying about nothing? I am 23 years old so should I be worried? My doctor also thinks I have anxiety. The cardiologist did perform an ecg when I had gone to see her back in 2018 and she said the result was what it should be (normal) and that I had no heart issues. Am I freaking about nothing? I still have chest pain and I can always feel my heart beating and I keep on getting freaked out.

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