Transferring data from broken phone?

Hello! I have a couple old phones (galaxy s2 and a droid turbo) that I would love to get photos off of.

Both phones will turn on but screens are black.

I don't have sd cards on either, and none of their contents are backed up.

I just spent an hour trying to transfer their data but my pc wouldn't recognize the devices. Tried different cords and USB ports. Nothing worked.

Does anyone know a sure fire way to get the photos transferred?

Or is there any credible business' I could send the phones to for them to do the work?

1 Answer

  • 3 weeks ago

    Look for data recovery companies in your area. Ask them if they offer services for recovering data from non working phones, and what their base estimate is. They will ask questions, answer them truthfully. Do not lie and say there is no water damage when you know that there is, because as soon as they open the phone they will know.

    Some offer a flat fee, no matter if there is anything recovered or not.  So charge just for the attempt. And you do not get a choice on what is recovered, they pull everything that can be found in user use able memory. Burn it to a DVD and hand it over for you to sort through. They may put all images in a folder, videos, text, pdf, etc in their own folders, or they may not. 

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