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Online school attendance?

As a parent, I am getting emails that your child is being marked absent in a class and to contact the homeroom teacher.  I contact the homeroom teacher who told me the emails of being absent is because the student did not turn in an assignment or turned it in late.  But the teacher had no idea what class or what assignment.  After so many marked absences, the child is referred to CPS.  Not sure why I can not get answers.  Tried talking to the principal and she was of no help either. 


Is it legal to mark a child absent from school when the school has no idea what assignment was missed? 

Update 2:

I am home all day with my child and make sure my child logs into each class and completed the assignments in their google classroom. 

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    Call the principal and ask for a conference with the principal, your child's teacher, and you. If they refuse or stall, call the school board and tell them you want this conference, quickly, and the principal refused. What can you do?

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    probably the internet is cutting off or lagging during online sessions,

    or he may have a hard time or struggling learning online than the traditional in person classroom.

    u should ask the teachers how do u submit an assignment online.

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    maybe you should try talking to you child and demanding answers, a little punishment (like no television) to help them remember what they turned in late might help, dont blame it all on the school - they are trying their best during difficult times

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    First things first. Did you talk to your child already?

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