Is the latest model cell phone a must for u or do you keep your phone for a long time as long as it works well? Also are u Android or Apple?

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  • 1 month ago
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    I work hard for my money and firmly believe that I should keep it unless there’s a good reason. 

    Splurging cash simply to have bragging rights on something which will often have a big price drop a few months later is not a good reason. 

    I view my phones, cameras, laptops, consoles and cars as simply being tools for particular jobs. So when they break and are uneconomic to repair, or when they no longer can do what I need from them, THAT’s when I replace them.

    People queuing up outside stores to be amongst the first to buy the very latest and overpriced wotsits are the people I love. Their puerile vain foolishness ensures that when I decide to buy there’s a healthy stock of excellent used models, and if I do buy new then those early adopters have already taken the pain of discovering the worst bugs and design faults so that the manufacturer can fix them.

  • Olive
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    1 month ago

    I dont need the latest phone. My older I enjoy and will use it for as long as can. I use Android

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