High blood pressure?

Why would your blood pressure go to low all of a sudden. if you have  high bp and are on meds to try to keep it low. If it went to low does that mean you no longer need the meds any more. 

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Going low one time would not always indicate the need to change medication.

    Only a doctor should decide if medication should be stopped or changed.  A doctor would do a physical and determine if something may have changed.  (perhaps weight loss improved blood pressure - or a change in jobs reduced stress and reduced blood pressure).  A doctor would try to decide if there was a reason the blood pressure is lower and try to determine how likely that lower patter would be continued.

    Sometimes a lower dose might be recommended before actually stopping the medication.  

  • Always consult your doctor before changing your BP medication.  Suddenly stopping can be life threatening. High blood pressure can be caused by stress.  Perhaps you've become more laid back.

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