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Diarrhea during the 2 weeks before my period?

Is this normal? It’s been like 4 days now of getting diarrhea in the morning or at night . My period is in 10 days 

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  • D_21
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    4 weeks ago

    Is it possible maybe your period might show up early? The hormonal changes in your cycle trigger uterine & abdominal contractions, usually right before/during menstruation. Triggering contractions or sensitivity early not necessarily cause for alarm. Though it is inconvenient, and I'm sure it is uncomfortable.

    There's an over the counter medication called imodium, that helps with diarrhea. They have it in pharmacies and the pharmacy section of grocery/retail stores. You could call places to see if they carry it.

    Also you could try eating plain white rice (no toppings aside from salt.) Especially jasmine rice can be very helpful in soothing upset stomach, or diarrhea. Other foods that can help are apples, bananas, plain bread or toast.

    Avoid citrus fruits (oranges,) most dairy products, and greasy or spicy foods. Avoid drinks with caffeine or lots of added sugars.  Try drinking water or Pedialyte instead.

    Bland balanced foods can help firm things up a bit, without irritating the digestive system. Consider changing up your diet for a while to see if it helps any. Hope you feel better soon!

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