Icons not responding?

I click on an icon on my desktop or game or browser and lights up and/or makes a sound signifying that I did click on it, then it just doesn't perform whatever action it is suppose to do. It happens on my computer and happens on my IPAD too.

It doesn't happen every time, maybe every 3rd or 5th thing I click on but annoying none the less.

Has Tim Cook sabotaged his inferior products again to try and force his costumers into buying the newest version of his inferior products?

Since my Ipad is linked to desktop so i can get wifi on my IPAD, has the scumbag virus spread to my pc as well?

It doesn't effect the keyboard, just pc and IPAD icons.

I click on something expecting the new window or file to open, the little icon lights up but then nothing....

....so I wait and have to click again.

I mean the programmers has to program this into the code, that if somebody clicks on an icon that it will light up or appear put be actually pressed it and maybe make a sound, so why would they also program it to just not preform that action and fail every 5th time?

I used to take BASIC programming when I was younger so I know a computer is not going to do something that you didn't program it to do, either on purpose or accident and it is not going to fail to do something that it has not been programmed to fail to do. So whatever is going on here is on purpose, but what.

No I don' t need to rebuild my desktop icons or whatever to fix it because it effects my IPAD, browser and games as well.

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