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Why do I prefer believing in fallacies?

Ever since I went to college, I became very pessimistic about the world to the point that I became melancholic and frustrated. But now I'm trying to revive my religious and spiritual self and this has given comfort and now I'm more hopeful and I feel like I am more productive compared from my college years.

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    Feeling we don't have a purpose in life is depressing. You don't have to believe in fallacies. I think it's important that your beliefs make sense to you. 

    I believe that we exist in a controlled system, with natural laws that cannot be ignored. Gravity and the flow of electricity for instance have an effect we know of through experience: you fall when you jump off of something and you get zapped if you touch a live wire.

    There are also the the laws of integration and connection which control the lives of animals. The straying gazelle will not last long away from the herd.  When predators out hunt their prey, they die. Laws have a cause and consequence.

    Humans think they are above Nature's laws. We have exploited the environment and each other for centuries. Covid-19 has been Nature's wake-up call to the fact that we are a collective and we are connected to each other globally. Follow the production line of a pencil or where the iphone parts are sourced.

    Other animals don't need to choose to cooperate in the hunt or stay together in the herd, they do it by instinct. We, on the other hand have an ego that we serve at the expense of others. We aren't always aware of the damage we do and more often we don't care. We just want more, be damned with the environment or the people we hurt.

    Nature is the Force that has sent us this global pandemic to remind us that we need each other. We need to connect, despite our differences. Consider the accumulated effects of water shortages and pollution on our food chain. The human ego is the cause  and we are only just starting to feel the consequences globally.

    That is what we're here to learn. We need to evolve into adults and stop fighting and acting like spoiled children.

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